Perfecting Class Curriculum


The Perfecting Class is a course that all new members are encouraged to complete.  It is a twelve-class curriculum that gives an overview of basic bible doctrine.

Dr. Fred L. Hodge Jr. recognizes an assignment to teach the seven promises of God for abundant living that God has promised every believer:

  1. Salvation
  2. Authority In The Earth
  3. Baptism With The Holy Spirit
  4. Answered Prayer
  5. The Honoring Of Our Faith
  6. Divine Healing
  7. Natural And Material Prosperity

At Living Praise Christian Center, we believe that every challenge in life can be overcome through the manifestation of one of these promises.  We believe that the will of God and the promises of God are not automatic.  Believers must be taught how to bring the will of God to pass in their lives.  They also must be taught how to see the promises of God manifested in their lives.  This is why the Perfecting Class exists.

This curriculum is designed to expose the new member to what we believe and teach, with step-by-step practical instruction on how to begin a walk of faith. It is based on the premise that a member who is taught personal discipline in their life and understands the structure of how the church operates will be a member who will be a blessing to the body of Christ and bring glory to God.  The Perfecting Class Lessons that are taught are:

1-Lesson 1 - The Supernatural Church, Part 1
2-Lesson 2 - The Supernatural Church, Part 2
3-Lesson 3 - Baptism And The Believer
4-Lesson 4 - God Hears And Answers Prayer
5-Lesson 5 - Have The Faith Of God
6-Lesson 5a - Have The Faith Of God (continued)
7-Lesson 6 - Divine Healing And The Believer
8-Lesson 7 - Prosperity And The Believer, Part 1
9-Lesson 8 - Prosperity And The Believer, Part 2
10-Lesson 9 - Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, Part 1
11-Lesson 10 - Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, Part 2
12-Lesson 10a - Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, Part 2 (continued)
13-Lesson 11 - Ministry of Helps Workers School
14-Lesson 12 – Evangelism

Certificates are only issued to LPCC members. Contact Member Services for additional information.
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Once all twelve lessons (14 videos) are completed and verified, you will be presented a Completion Certificate in a public worship service to recognize and applaud your efforts.

Once the lesson video finishes playing it will redirect you automatically to a short quiz.
If you answer the question correctly you will be directed to the next lesson, an in-correct answer will ask that you re-watch the video and try again.

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