The Living Praise Christian Institute (LPCI) is our comprehensive school of ministry. The purpose of LPCI is to educate and develop interested Bible students, equipping them with spiritual knowledge and the tools necessary for them to engage in successful ministry in the local church, as well as preparation for more extensive and intensive Biblically based scholastic programs. LPCI introduces a curriculum divided into a three year program. Students may wish to only complete one year of study, however, the entire program covers the full three years of study and examination.

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Dr. Hodge believes an organization can only rise to the level of the existing leadership. Continuous teaching is critical for leadership development. The development of leaders multiplies the capacity for growth and the expansion of vision at Living Praise Christian Center. Dr. Hodge uses this time to minister and impart into his leaders as well as troubleshoot any issues taking place within the ministry. All current leaders of Living Praise are required to attend L.T.I. which takes place monthly.

This course is designed to teach and bring understanding to the believer about what the bible says about faith, healing, prosperity, your gift to the body of Christ, and how to operate correctly the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the supernatural church and more.

Each class is laid out with step-by-step instruction, based on the Word of God. You will learn how to rightly divide the Word of Truth and understand biblical principles. The Believer that is taught personal discipline in their life and understands the structure of how the church operates, will be an effective member of the Body of Christ. Come and join us for a time of refreshing in God's Word!

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GROWTH TRACKS by design is the orientation for connection to the LPCC ministry. Through GROWTH TRACKS LPCC new members are introduced to Life Groups and Partner in Ministry Team (PMT) Volunteer Work Force.

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