• VAMA will exercise no ecclesiastical, governmental or administrative control over any of its member’s ministries.
  • VAMA provides for member ministries instruction, wise counsel, and oversight upon their request.
  • All membership services and benefits are optional to accommodate the needs of the membership.
  • Membership in VAMA is open to men and women who are Five-Fold Ministry Gifts and are presently functioning as such in a viable, independent ministry.
  • VAMA will not discriminate against any race, gender, ethnicity or denomination background.


Ministerial Mentoring and Spiritual Covering
Dr. Hodge is anointed to provide the leadership required to mentor and cover those who are called to Five-Fold Ministry. He has received advanced ministry training and experience, which qualify him to mentor/cover others. The mentoring/covering process will extend to all areas yielded for development.

Access to Dr. Hodge for Counseling Appointments
Each associate will be allowed quarterly counseling sessions each year (sessions are subject to schedule availability). The counseling sessions will be specific and relevant to the need of the associate. All information discussed will be kept confidential and treated with great sensitivity.

Spiritual Accountability Through Association
Associates will be required to maintain a high level of spiritual maturity and moral living. While maintaining connection to VAMA, associates will be connected to Dr. Hodge for oversight and guidance. All associates will be required to ensure that their lifestyle does not bring reproach on God, their ministry, their family or VAMA. If the associate does not wish to abide by the expectations for accountability, connection to VAMA will be terminated.

Access to Excellence Assessment Groups
VAMA will provide to each member the opportunity for ministry assessment. VAMA will appoint qualified individuals to evaluate for effectiveness and efficiency, areas of your ministry which will include both administrative and ministerial areas.

Membership Directory
A directory (telephone number and email address) of the VAMA team and Five-Fold Ministers’ network will be provided to each associate. All contact information must be considered confidential and handled with care.

Ordination Certification
Provision for ministerial ordination will be made available for approved associates. Ordination approval is subject to the discretion of VAMA. Each candidate must meet specific requirements and must submit to a potential evaluation of character and reputation.

Annual Membership Enrichment Summits
Associates will have access to group learning sessions with other VAMA associates when they attend these quarterly meetings, hosted by Dr. Hodge. The focus will be to achieve excellence in administrative, ministerial, and governmental training to benefit and enhance each associate’s ministry.

Access to Dr. Hodge via E-mail for Personal Contact
The Associates will have direct contact to Dr. Hodge via his personal email address (for VAMA associates only). Dr. Hodge will respond to all questions in a timely manner. Each question will be answered from Dr. Hodge’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Members of VAMA are prohibited from using the name or status of VAMA for ministerial or secular promotions. Doing so will break fellowship with VAMA and result in immediate dismissal from the association.

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