“Give me a year of your life and you will never be the same!”, Dr. Fred Hodge.  Experience the pathway of growth at LPCC by first getting your spiritual needs met; then learning the fundamentals of a Christian walk by attending the Growth Tracks classes; connecting with others by joining small groups/fellowships; and choosing to serve in Partners Ministry Team (PMT).

Meeting Your Spiritual Needs

Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the first step in beginning your spiritual journey. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” John 3:16. Invite Him into your heart and receive the love He has just for you.

Meaning of Salvation and Prayer Video Click Here

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Growth Tracks

At times it’s hard to navigate your way as a new member.  Growth Tracks will provide the information needed to understand the foundations of being a member at LPCC.  The below four classes will acclimate you to your new church home.

Growth Tracks 101 – learn about the LPCC founders, vision, ministry governmental structure and membership information.

Growth Tracks 201 – know the habits for healthy believers including Bible study, prayer, life group fellowship, being Holy Spirit led and giving.

Growth Tracks 301 - discover your place in the Body of Christ by completing a DISC assessment (personality test) and a Spiritual Gift Inventory test.

Growth Tracks 401 – learn about all of the volunteer opportunities at LPCC and start the process to get involved.

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Partners Ministry Team (PMT)

We don’t grow isolated, but we grow as we serve and work with others.  As you serve in PMT, your character is shaped, new relationships are developed, and your spiritual gifts are revealed.  Don’t miss out on this important part of growing in Christ.

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Groups and Fellowships

As you connect, you will grow. We have groups and fellowships tailored for almost every transistion of life. Come to one of our women’s ministry services, W.O.V.E.N or our men’s ministry, M.O.V.E. to learn how to be the very best you and connect with others. Join smaller groups such as Wives Support, Couples Connection, or Mature Adults to connect with others on your similar journey.

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M.O.V.EW.O.V.E.N.Next Level – Young Adults,
Mature Adults 50+
, Couples Connection, Wives Support